It started with a love of felines and a way to network. When Oregonian BriAnne Wills moved to New York City last September for her husband's job, she realized she had left all her contacts as a fashion photographer behind. She knew a series would be the best way to both keep herself busy and network in her new life, so she decided to continue working on a collection of nudes. After setting up a casting, the model she chose had a picturesque cat, and Wills realized the combo of lovely lady and cute kitty was the key to success. And with that, the Girls With Their Cats series was born.

In less than a year, the simple idea of fashionable women and their beloved cats has snowballed with press from Buzzfeed, Time Out New York, and DailyMail. Originally planned to be a collection of 20, Wills said the emails of proud and pretty cat owners wanting to be photographed kept streaming in. Now up to 55 girls and counting, Wills new goal is a coffee table book. Specifically, an international book of girls and cats from all over the world.

To that end she’s begun the process of jumping around the country finding new gals and gatos to photograph, adding the adoption story of how each cat came to the family, with one of her first stops to come home and snap photos of Portlanders. Take a tour of Wills girls and fancy felines from her Portland visit and NYC archives.

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