Saturday night Content packed the city’s design savvy folks into the second floor of the Ace hotel with a host of new names. As in year’s past, the rooms that stood out were those that really went for it full force, teetering on odd in a wonderful way. Standouts for me included the Topaz room with its chakra healing for attendees, the glow-in-the-dark world of Knowledge for Knowledge (created by Red & Co), Brady Lange’s cute human paper doll, and Altar’s vibe heavy room with a giant moon and hypnotic live band playing in the dark.

This year the producers eschewed the shoulder tapping method of years before and turned the process into submission only. That led to some interesting new blood, but also a handful of empty rooms that seemed to change the vibe of the space and some notable names of years gone by were MIA.

It’s a tricky feat for most makers to create an entire, on brand, universe in a handful of hours within the confines of one hotel room. Some were lounge-y and inviting, some didn't quite sell it, some were charming and endearing, but one thing they all had in common was moxy.

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