A Portland Company Revives the Dickey. (Which Is Kind of Like a Shirt.)

How one local company wants to revive an old fashion trend.

By Eden Dawn December 8, 2015

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A dickey doing its job.

Image: Le Cou

Ah, the dickey. It manages to be both a giggle-inducing piece of fashion history and a useful style aid. The faux shirt–that’s really just a collar and a bit of fabric to give the impression of a dress shirt–was a layering piece popularized in the 1800’s when folks dressed up. Dickey legend also says a little band called The Beatles were huge fans, so they could look proper in their suits, but stay much cooler for playing.

As they say in the biz, dickeys are back. And one Portland company wants to make them happen in a big way. Le Cou launched their Kickstarter three weeks ago and met their modest goal almost instantly. With 10 days left to go, they’ve more than tripled their start up capital with the simple idea of reintroducing the dickey as a practical and chic wardrobe basic.

“The idea for the Le Cou Dickey came from my our love of layering and crisp collars, coupled with the drawbacks of the bulk, bunching and overheating that often come with layered looks. The Le Cou Dickey is a true wardrobe hack. No waiting to find something to go with it, or until you lose 10 lbs.” says Portland cofounder Jessica Wingate. “Our dickeys add polish to your look, maximize the wardrobe you already own, and are designed to fit the body you have right now.”

Since Le Cou has already made their goal three times over, it seems dickeys are on the horizon. Early adopters can still donate to the Kickstarter for discounted dickeys of your choice.


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