A Glimpse into Portland's Menswear Scene

Take a peek into our city's impressive lineup of local brands—and meet the men behind them.

By Caitlin Collins January 21, 2016

This month, the world turns its eyes to Europe for the kinds of revelatory menswear developments and ridiculous spectacle that only fashion weeks can bring. (Wacky knits based on a shoe once owned by Andy Warhol! Questionable cheek accessories! Instagram celebs as big as “the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Justin Bieber rolled into one!”) As we celebrate the trouser, the button-up, and other hallmarks of cold-weather clothes, let us not forget the excellent menswear crafted right here in Oregon. Here are three local brands, made for and by men who call Portland home. 

Blasioli 1 k206jt

John Blasioli for Bridge + Burn. Image courtesy B+B.

The Offerings: Tailored with texture
The Brand: John Blasioli
The Man: John Blasioli helped design Pendleton’s “The Portland Collection” for five seasons, so he’s no stranger to comfy wools, reliable outerwear, and a classic masculine simplicity. As a craftsman, he’s one of our best.
Where You Can Find It: Blasioli recently collaborated with Bridge & Burn—another great source of local menswear—for an abbreviated but excellent Fall 2015 collection, which is still available in the flagship store downtown and online.
Instagram Handle: @johnblasioli

Machus 1 mjvwrm

Image courtesy of Machus.

The Offerings: Brilliant basics
The Brand: Machus
The Man: Justin Machus runs what is arguably one of Portland's most modern menswear boutiques with inventory that can skew pretty adventurous. His house line of simplified yet clever basics provides excellent options to bring an outfit together.
Where You Can Find It: At Machus on East Burnside and online.
Instagram Handle: @machusonline

Lange 1 dhbrko

Image courtesy Brady Lange.

The Offerings: Cabana boy meets LA party scene
The Brand: Brady Lange
The Man:  This vivacious young designer—who once acted as a human paper doll to model his own clothing—embodies the energy of his line. His consistently fun photo shoots and dedicated fan base make the wacky seem wise. Crop top sweatshirts, anyone?
Where You Can Find It: On his website, along with his seasonal lookbooks to get you in the mood
Instagram Handle: @bradylange




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