Wildfang Reinterprets the "F" Word for Women's History Month

On March 16, six Portland women tell stories about the "F" word—from fallopian tubes and feminism to fear.

By Eden Dawn March 15, 2016

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Show your love for Wild Feminists everywhere with Wildfang's new limited edition tee with the tagline, "Because we stand taller when we stand together."

Examine any tiny slice from the Wildfang brand’s two-year run, and it’s immediately clear that the women (and men) at Team WF are proud feminists. Not ones to be content with the average trunk or pop-up shop, their new installment of in-store events is more community engagement than it is community shopping.

In celebration of Women's History Month (aka March!), Wildfang devotes an evening to storytelling from “six of Portland’s most badass women.” The theme for the evening is The F Word, with each performer giving their spin on what that means to them—from fallopian tubes and feminism to fear. Free booze and snacks. Good company. Lots of F-bombs.

7 pm Wednesday, March 16
Wildfang, 404 SW 10th St
$10 or free with Wildfang purchase in last 30 days


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Julie Diamond
Executive Leadership Coach
Talk: The fear factor

Alanna Archibald
Wildfang Team/Part-Time Actor/Full-Time Red Head
Talk: Fallopian tubes

Joy Davis
Founder of Design+Culture Lab
Talk: Black feminism: the intersection of gender and race

Angie Maurer
Advertising Boss Lady From W+K
Talk: Bitches and power: a brief contemplation on the force of nurture

Brooke Barker
Founder @sadanimalfacts
Talk: TBA

Kwali Xi
Talk: Liberation as a spectrum

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