On April 21, more than 20 local artists and illustrators will display their visions of our civic future at Futurelandia, a gallery show featuring travel-style posters. From tubular trains to snorkeling through Old Town, they depict alternative visions of the future, 50 to 100-plus years ahead. The works range from optimistic to apocalyptic. 

Organized by Caravan Pacific founder Shannon Guirl, brand strategist and GoodGallagher founder Ryan Gallagher, and freelance designer, animator, and illustrator Josh L. Anderson, the event is intended to meld art and civic dialogue.

“Art has historically been a chance to reflect upon society or mirror it back through the eyes of artists,” says Anderson. “It removes you from the now, and what’s possible right now, and lets you think about what might be possible when technology has evolved—and part of it is making it very Portland-centric. Everyone in Portland feels a unique attachment to this place and that it’s this creative, weird, sort of backwater. So how does that look in the future?” 

The artists were given free rein to answer that question. Without hard guidelines, they've envisioned everything from altruistic utopia to dystopian disaster.

After taking in the posters, there will be a moderated panel and Q&A with the creators and experts in urban planning, equity and diversity, transportation and technology, and the environment, giving attendees some facts along with the fantasies.

“It’s topical but also timeless,” Anderson says. “The future is a relative term, and everything is evolving constantly, and that is a part of the theme of the show. There are big changes going on now, but zooming out, there’s a chance to see that change is constant and a chance to reflect on it in a broader view.” 

Thursday, April 21

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