Design Week 2016 opens with a big one.

Snøhetta—the Norwegian architecture firm currently drawing up plans for the long-long-long-awaited James Beard Public Market at the west end of the Morrision Bridge—will kick things off with a multimedia exhibition featuring some of its other projects, from the Norway Opera House to the living room redesign of Times Square in NYC. They will also show plans for the riverwalk at Oregon City's Willamette Falls. 

Held at Portland's Center for Architecture, Snøhetta: People, Process, Projects reveals the process and creativity behind some of the firm's most celebrated buildings and spaces. Visitors will explore Snøhetta's unique employee culture, 3D prototyping workshop, and net-zero energy design philosophy. 

Our prediction: office nap pods are the key. Because Europe.

Snøhetta: People, Process, Projects
April 17–June 30, 2016
The Center for Architecture
403 NW 11th Ave


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