For the sixth year, Alley 33 took over a little street off Hawthorne and charmed a packed audience with a lot of clothes. Running the gamut from casual menswear to sequined gowns, 18 designers sent hundreds of piece down the runway, some more applaud-inducing than others. Here are 10 ensembles that made us cheer.

Featured Designers:
Sarah Bibb for Folly 
Altar Houseline
Carla Mink for Mink Boutique
Carolyn Hart
Chubby Cartwheels
Copper Union
Holly Ren Designs
Hovden Formal Farmwear
KD Designs
Lizz Basinger
Lostwood Lane
Machine Apparel
Make It Good
Piper Dalton
Silhouette Boutique
Tellurian Fieldwear

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