Warby Parker Opens First Portland Shop (and Arcade!)

The NW 23rd shop will be much more than your average eyeglasses spot.

By Eden Dawn September 27, 2016

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Warby Parker eyewear

Look around at any number of your frame-faced coworkers, and odds are at least one or two are sporting some Warby Parkers. And now, the good-vibes eyeglass company—known for their "buy one, donate one" model that to date has helped distribute 2 million pairs of glasses to developing countries—will open a Portland brick-and-mortar on Saturday, October 1.

The NW 23rd location is set to be a little more than a traditional go-and-try-on-glasses spot, because the space not filled with specs will go to…arcade games? Yup, classic 8-bit arcade games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Frogger, and Donkey Kong will line the walls. Best of all, 100 percent of the coins dropped in the games will go to the Right Brain Initiative, a nonprofit organization working to make arts education accessible to every K-9 student in the Portland tri-county region.
 And if you’re just in the mood to play, the second floor will be solely dedicated to gaming. (That’s where the real fun happens.)

Stop into the shop opening weekend to chomp the ghosts and dodge virtual traffic, try out their special location-specific Snapchat filters, and see store artwork from Portland designer Shawna X and illustrator Jason Sturgill. Oh, and you could get some glasses too.

Warby Parker  
817 NW 23rd Ave

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