Local Furniture Designers Star at ShowPDX 2016

A celebration of the best local chairs, tables, and lamps—everything but the kitchen sink, and maybe that, too.

By Marty Patail October 4, 2016

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Take 55 local furniture designers. Bring them together under one roof. Find a chair. 

Starting with an opening night preview bash on Wednesday, October 5, furniture design exposition ShowPDX returns for its ninth year, bringing along dozens of the city's high profile designers. Among the participants are individual designers and studios including Brooks Woodworks (pictured above), Esque Studio, and Jason Fiske. 

As in previous years, a jury will select the best pieces in a number of categories, including Best in Show. This year's jury panel includes Wieden and Kennedy founder Jelly Helm, Bridge City Toolworks' John Economaki, city commissioner Nick Fish, Skylab Architecture's Jeff Kovel, Nike's VP of Global Design John Hike, and Linda Zimmer, director of interior architecture at the University of Oregon. 

“The advent of social media along with the schedules we makers and designers keep, mean we rarely have opportunities to converse and interact," says ShowPDX cofounder Jennifer Jako in a press release. "ShowPDX lights a fire for us to create new designs and provides a venue to share work with the public and each other.” 

ShowPDX will kick off with an opening night preview on October 5. The exhibit will be open to the public October 6–22.

ShowPDX 2016
October 5 (preview party), October 6–22 (open to public)

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