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Fade to Light Returns to Bring Us Joy

The biannual fun fest is back, with looks from both new and familiar designers hitting the runway—and a portion of ticket proceeds going to the ACLU.

By Eden Dawn February 6, 2017

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Two and a half years ago, we called Fade to Light “a show for fun-fashion lovers and those who love theatrics.” We stand by it.

Since Fade to Light's inception in 2012, producer Elizabeth Mollo (from shows like Unmentionables and Alley 33) has encouraged each lineup of designers to go beyond the traditional runway using multimedia elements—think video installation, choreographed dancers, live music, and sometimes even giant balloons. After originally sticking with the same small group of designers every six months, now the show encourages new names to join in each round. 

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A look from Wendy Ohlendorf's previous Fade to Light collection.

This time around, expect some known crowdpleasers like Andrea Moore of Moore Custom Goods (check out our story on her) and Wendy Ohlendorf, in addition to debuts from bag line Colty and Geeks in Amsterdam. The lineup is rounded out by Andres Pinedo, Fräulein Couture, and One Imaginary Girl. If runway shows feel a little frivolous given our current political tumult, this is a good time to remember local fashion has taken a massive hit recently due to weather-related closures, and that designers are a vital part of the local economy. Plus, a portion of ticket proceeds will be funneled to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Fade to Light: A Multidimensional Fashion Event
8 p.m. Wednesday, February 22, Crystal Ballroom

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