For five years, local runway show Unmentionable brought lingerie to the Doug Fir. This year, it finally outgrew that venue, moving its biggest lineup yet to the two-story Mission Theater. On February 8, a slightly on-edge crowd temporarily forgot their worries as soon as infectiously happy emcee Marissa Sullivan hopped onstage. After an opening performance from the fashionable House of Flora—the three entertained us by vogueing the runway including dropping to the ground for synced fan work, all in heels taller than a small child—we were ready to take in the runway looks. By the time Sullivan returned to the stage and yelled "Boobs are fun!” the audience didn’t ever want to leave.

Lille Boutique
Lille is a mainstay in the Unmentionable community with its classic lingerie from indie designers around the world specializing in lovely bodysuits, bralettes, and panties in dreamy colors. This time around was no exception. 

Fraulein Couture
Asymmetrical wraps over metallic undies. Draped crop tops over sexy briefs, velvet tap pants, and a comely jumpsuit with lace side panels. I had already internally declared this was my favorite collection I’ve seen from Fraulein, and then a flutter-sleeve gold robe hit the runway and I died.

Piper Dalton
Everyone loves Piper Dalton. It’s cozy, it’s sweet, and it’s a line so homemade she spins the yarn before knitting it into soft silhouettes that cling lightly to the body in a way that's both comfortable and sexy.

Copper Union
This was the debut of lingerie for beloved plus size line Copper Union. Designer Claire Doody wrapped her babes in cute sheer skirts underneath bras built to support a full bosom. The see-through layers allowed the body to be seen in a playful peekaboo way.

Rogue Minx
All hail the bodysuit queen. Rogue Minx takes its strengths, mixing richly textured fabric and sexy sheers, and puts it into lingerie action. The results were edgy and sexy, with the chevron metallic bodysuits burned into my mind permanently.

Seeker Intimates
A newcomer to the Unmentionable lineup, Seeker set themselves apart by using straps to almost theatrical effect. From a touch here to a bodysuit nearly built from straps, the perfect balance came in a scene stealing pair of paneled high waist panties.

Another new line, Changewear is quite innovative: all bras come with interchangeable colored bra cups and straps that can go crisscross, halter, or regular—basically multiple bras for the price of one. Unfortunately, they didn't put this feature on the runway.

Vava + Iron Oxide
These two design houses joined forces, with fan favorite Vava lingerie uniting their signature romantic lace in wearable silhouettes with Iron Oxide’s edgy brass—including Wolverine-esque wrist pieces—for some always welcome runway drama.

Poetic Works Lingerie
Pretty brocades with back-knit panels show a designer who knows the value of business in the front and party in the back. The sweet and comfortable pieces make for excellent everyday wear. 

A line that absolutely says “Let’s not take ourselves too seriously”: think fun colors, heart panels on the booty, and pasties galore. Not a traditionally cohesive collection, but sass managed to tie the whole thing together.

Tush and Bush
Lace inset panels over striped knits work every time. These cute pieces, from the flared crop to panties that work for nearly any body type, were s-e-l-l-a-b-l-e.

Chubby Cartwheels
Designer Shawna Farmer used her runway time to show sweet pink velvet, wide-roll elastic to prevent dreaded underwear bunching, and the always alluring boob window. Models came out with signs proclaiming “Black Lives Matter” and “No Ban No Wall,” prompting the audience to leap to a standing ovation.

Aniela Parys
The Oregon native, who now lives in Barcelona, utilized her signature silhouette with soft triangle cups and high-waist bottoms in a variety of incarnations, with one all-sheer black number too pretty to forget.

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