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Fetch Eyewear Reopens after Massive Gas Explosion

After losing everything in October's gas explosion, Fetch reopens in a new spot on NW 23rd, celebrating with adoptable animals and doughnuts April 29–30.

By Eden Dawn April 28, 2017

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Fetch celebrates the return of pet-benefiting eyewear this weekend.

The giant boom filled the ears of everyone for blocks. In a split second on October 19, a gas explosion rocked the corner of NW 23rd and Glisan Street, sending acrid plumes into the sky and eviscerating the surrounding buildings, including Fetch Eyewear.

This weekend, April 29–30, Fetch reopens with a different kind of bang. 

The brand is known for creating chic eyewear for men and women with a lifetime warranty and a lot of love. Fetch donates all (yes, all) of its proceeds towards Pixie Project, which works to relieve overcrowded shelters, rehabilitate pets, and provide low-cost veterinary services. During the rebuild, the city lost both stylish eyewear opportunities and a funnel of money that helps our best self-care asset—adorable animals.

Fetch founder Ann Sacks says: “Six months later, we are raring to go and planning to do pop-ups at Wieden + Kennedy and other iconic Portland premier brands to show that we were down, but we are back!” And back they are, with a weekend-long party, 11 a.m.–7 p.m. Saturday–Sunday, April 29–30. Expect an in-store raffle, wine on tap from Cooper's Hall, special dougnuts from Voodoo, and adoptable animals from the Pixie Project on Sunday. Until the still blazed-out spot completes a rebuild, Fetch has set up shop down the street at 814 NW 23rd Avenue, below Will Leather, but eventually plans to return to its original location.

That’s a lot of reasons to support a local business: cats, wine, glasses, sugar. Better put it on the calendar. 

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