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Alley 33 Returns for a Lucky Seventh Year with a New Spot

The local ready-to-wear fashion show's new venue has more room and all-new vendor booths.

By Eden Dawn July 18, 2017

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A look from Moore's collection last year at Alley 33.

You can call it the seven-year itch. Or you can call it the need for growth.

After six successful years of stuffing the alley way at SE Hawthorne and 33rd with style-loving peeps, producers Elizabeth Mollo and Cassie Ridgway are moving on up the east side, literally. The beloved local fashion show—which specializes in debuting collections that are wearable, attainable, and sold in town—leaves behind its namesake alleyway for the mega outdoor lot at nearby Eagles Lodge. 

“After years of making the most of the cherished alley at 33rd, we’ve finally accepted that we’ve outgrown it in terms of our infrastructure needs,” Ridgway says. “We are so excited to have found a larger space that still keeps the outdoor summer vibes at the foreground and keeps our show on Hawthorne where it began.”

As usual, the 2017 lineup showcases a wide array of local talent from Ridgway’s own dark boho Altar Houseline to crowd favorite Chubby Cartwheels. Headlining the event is Alyson Clair, who took a break but returns with her signature line of everyday dresses and flippy skirts. Hit the show early for one-stop shopping with vendor booths set up across the lot—pick up local jewelry, apparel, and beauty products with the swipe of a Square. 

Obviously drinks, fun, and people watching will be on deck.

Runway Show:

Alyson Clair | Allihalla | Altar Houseline | Carla Mink | Chubby Cartwheels | Copper Union | EcoVibe Apparel | Eve Skywalker | Fräulein Couture | Hubris Apparel | KD Designs | Love to Love You | May and Mary Apparel  | MOORE | Nuke Swimwear | One Imaginary Girl | Opal Heart | Quick Study

Vending From: 

Allihalla | Altar Houseline | Amaree And Reese Jewelry | Briana Diaz Jewelry | Claws Out | Dart Heart | Deva's Rose Jewelry & Metalworks | Eve Skywalker | KD Designs | Kirsten Elise PDX | Love to Love You | Lee Nicholas Designs | Ivalieu May and Mary Apparel  | MOORE | Nuke Swimwear | One Imaginary Girl | Opal Heart | Portland Fashion Institute | Pinthread Bags |Quick Study

Alley 33 Fashion Show

Doors at 4:30 p.m. Sun, July 30, Eagles Lodge, $8–15 

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