In the ’80s we had the immense heft of a Spiegel catalog, full of shoulder-padded beauties and Italian imports. The ’90s brought dELiA’s skater girls and mini-Courtneys in baby doll dresses. And then the fashion catalog fizzled. (Thanks, Internet.)

Some shoppers miss that fashion-brand connection and glimpse of how designers envision their styles on models. Enter the digital lookbook. Portland designers and retailers have taken to the medium in spades, using lookbooks to unveil new collections and express the heart and soul behind their work. Myriam Marcela, for example, asked me to help her direct a lookbook for a holiday collection based on a 1970s family photo of her extended family snuggled together at home in Guadalajara. Faux fur replicated shag carpet; patterned fabric evoked old-wallpaper vibes (see first image).

It’s easy to get lost in the myriad of pretty photos. Here are some recent Portland standouts.

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