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3 Portland Brands Going Big in Los Angeles

So how do shoppers in each city compare?

By Hannah Bonnie January 30, 2018 Published in the February 2018 issue of Portland Monthly

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One city has weather comparable to living under Niagara Falls. The other just spent Christmas in 70-degree heat. The differences are stark, but these Portland-based brands are killing it in La-La Land.

Bridge and Burn

(Downtown LA) After opening a Los Angeles location last October, owner Erik Prowell noticed an overall higher average transaction value, indicating our southern neighbors might be less budget-minded. What aren’t Angelenos buying? “We definitely don’t sell as much outerwear down there,” says Prowell. “Now that we have an LA store, we’re going to have more lightweight jackets.”

Tanner Goods

(Downtown LA) At first, this handmade leather retailer favored a rustic Northwest look. “Over the years, we’ve moved to a more urban aesthetic,” says Sean O’Connor. “That tailors itself more to Los Angeles.” Aside from differences in color preference (dark colors for LA, natural hues for Portland), O’Connor says Portlanders frequently come into the Portland shop with the intention to buy, while many Angelenos like to browse.

Will Leather Goods

(Venice) Years before he opened Will Leather Goods in Eugene in 2004, William Adler  owned a belt store in Venice in the ‘80s, where the brand cultivated a bohemian vibe. Brand director Shane Adler (William’s Portland-based daughter) says the now ubiquitous Oregon brand thrived up here for an obvious reason. “People are looking for something more durable because of the environment,” she says.

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