Are you ready to flip through 70 pictures of underwear fun from February's Unmentionable lingerie fashion show? Of course you are. Let’s get to the deets on Portland’s ever-expanding undies scene.

The show at the Mission Theater featured dozens of looks that ranged from casual sweatpants to full bondage gear for the dominatrix in your life. Let’s go through the highlight reel.

Things began with Rogue Minx's signature mix of mesh and lace panels with a lovely floral print throughout a range of silhouettes. Poetic Works offered a mixed collection with some strong individual pieces, including beautifully built bras, and others that could be edited out, such as mini bubble skirts. Allihalla gets technical points for color-blocking difficult fabrics—namely sequins, satin, and velvet—into one outrageous look. Allihalla also get fun points for giving me the opportunity to use the phrase “Cheek Chillers” for the first time since Pauly Shore in Son in Law.

Next up was KD Designs with super-sellable, soft triangle bras, and knit bodysuits in muted colors. Then came Bawdy Love. Blasting Peaches' “Boys Wanna Be Her” (known to many as the energetic Full Frontal with Samantha Bee theme song), electric blue and bits of black leather pounded the runway in baby doll dresses, bra harnesses, and a crowd-screaming finale of a sexy dom with her sub on a leash. Yowza.

After everyone tossed water on their faces to calm down from the first half, we were back at it for another round, beginning with Fraulein Couture’s sweet dartless crop tops and striped mesh as the wins. Lille Boutique perfected its decade of good taste by sending delicate lace bits and one stunning sheer black ensemble down the runway.

Speaking of consistency, Copper Union continued its reign of fun with heart-printed sheers and a sassy Fredericks of Hollywood vibe that was all about a bedroom show and not at all about functionality. Altar stuck to its signature ready-to-wear silhouettes, but offered them in a runway lace patchwork version. Chubby Cartwheels brought sexy style, evoking Stevie Nicks with sleeves a-flowing, and unleashing a Bowie-esque sparkle bodysuit. Moore Custom Goods did the unbelievable for them: They. Used. Color. The line, primarily known for their consistent, perfectly tailored black and white aesthetic, offered men’s and women’s underwear in a rich floral pattern that stood out in a delightful way. Thunderpants, the wedgie-free undie with a nearly cult-like following, had prints a plenty, and Changewear, the bra with colored, swappable cups, also pushed the color envelope.

The grand finale came from Vava Lingerie, now perhaps the best-known local line. With silky lace, layers of mesh, little gloves, sexy skirts and fantastic floral crowns, the crowd cheered for looks that were as much fine art as fashion.

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