In 2014, Betsy & Iya’s power duo, jewelry designer Betsy Cross and her business manager/husband Will Cervarich, took an unforgettable trip to see the 15th-century Temple of the Condor at Machu Picchu in Peru.

“We were standing on the edge of this temple in Machu Picchu," Cross recalls. "The Incans built this ledge for the condors to fly into and take the spirits of the dead back up to heaven. I just felt the power of that place. When I’m dreaming of a collection, those types of moments from my life work my way into the collection."

The Pacha necklace.

The moment helped hatch Inti, B&I’s new Incan-inspired collection: a spread of silver and bronze jewelry, embellished with fair-trade Arizona turquoise and black Oregon jasper stones, all custom cut and neatly placed using traditional Native inlay techniques.

“I’m super proud of the Pacha necklace, because even though it has six stones in it, the design is still simple and interesting," Cross says. Combined with the light-catching fringe, the colors and glow of this collection feel sunny and special.

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