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A New Home Goods Store Brings Local Furniture and Décor to ADX

MadeHere opens its fourth location within the walls of Portland’s largest community workshop.

By Sam Pape August 14, 2018

A shot of locally made chairs in the new showroom.

Since the founding of its first Pearl District location in November 2014, MadeHere has become the de facto retailer of locally made goods in Portland (and soon, Seattle). The shop makes handcrafted products—many of which are often only sold through designers' e-commerce sites—available for in-person shopping.

Now, there's a fourth location: MadeHere Home, located within the walls of Portland’s largest community workshop, ADX. Whereas other locations sell everything from craft beer and backpacks to pots and pans, MadeHere Home focuses solely on home furnishing. Expect credenzas, vignettes, and smaller, “more approachable” home goods from more than 35 of Portland’s leading manufacturers, including Revolution Design House, the Good Mod, and up-and-comers like Harkavy.

Opening a store dedicated to home furnishings had long been a dream of MadeHere owners John Connor and Paul Herring—they'd wanted to include furniture at their first shop but lacked the necessary floor space. Then, about five months ago, ADX owner Kelly Roy approached the duo with an offer on a 2,000-square-foot space in the building. It was a no-brainer.

“One thing that we’ve learned from other entrepreneurs,” explains Connor, “is that you have to have a business plan, but you can’t let that plan get in the way of opportunity.”

In many ways—even beyond the ample space to showcase large furniture sets—ADX is the perfect fit. Part of ADX’s mission is to help foster creativity and passion within its walls (through classes, easy access to resources like tools, and opportunities for community events). MadeHere’s aim is largely the same.

“There’s now a pretty well fleshed-out ecosystem that helps somebody go from wanting to create but not knowing how, to learning how to create, to learning how to start a business, to having their first wholesale relationship with us," Connor says. "It’s a runway for people who want to get a business off the ground in the manufacturing world. We want to provide as much support as we can to this community of makers.”

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