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Fade to Light Is Back with Our New Fave Designer Holy Voids

On March 27, the much-loved fashion show returns with an A-list lineup of past performers.

By Eden Dawn March 25, 2019

A still from Colty's last Fade to Light short film.

Every six months we bang the drum for the latest installment of Fade to Light fashion show. We’re doing it again, and for good reason. 

For the past seven years, this multimedia fashion show has produced many gossip-worthy moments—from live snakes wrapped around a slithering model to Beyoncé flash mobs. On Wednesday, March 27, the show returns to the Crystal Ballroom with some notable characters, and hopefully a few more of those memorable moments.

In addition to collections from AiPDX, Ale O, and Altar, students from the Portland Fashion Institute will show experimental designs from a class taught by local designer Liza Rietz. Dramatic line Colty will be on hand for a moment designer Colton Helfrecht promises will be epic. Finally our latest Emerging Designer pick, Ariel Fan of Holy Voids, returns after a triumphant debut to show Portland her sophomore collection.

Translation: This should all be well worth the ticket price.

Fade to Light Fashion Show

7:30 p.m. Wed, Mar 27, Crystal Ballroom, $17–65 

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