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After 12 Years, Mink Boutique Is Closing its Doors

Owner Carla Mink will shut her Hawthorne shop next month.

By Eden Dawn September 17, 2019

Image: Courtesy Mink

Just four months ago we wrote a piece on the longtime Hawthorne shop Mink. Over the last 12 years the store had grown a dedicated fanbase, thanks to a houseline of sustainable dresses and cute jewelry.

But today, owner Carla Mink sent out an email to her customers that she’s closing up shop to step away from the grind of retail and spend more time simply enjoying life. It's an idea we can all surely support, but the decision will still come as a sad surprise to her Portland fan base. Here's her announcement in full: 

I’ve chosen to close Mink.

We only have this one life and we deserve happiness. I've realized for about a year something was off. I wasn’t can’t-crawl-out-of-bed depressed, but I had a deep feeling of dissatisfaction. This was confusing for me. I’m generally an upbeat, glass-half-full type of person. So I began to dig into it. After a lot of soul searching, I finally accepted that my life had changed, but the store had not. I wanted to evolve, but the store wanted me to stay just the same. And all the push/pull was taking its toll. 

This is a tough pill to swallow, because I’ve worked so hard to make this shop a success and it has always provided well for my family. It’s hard to leave something you’re good at and that you’ve built from scratch. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized closing the shop was my only route forward, my only path toward growth. I thought a lot about selling it, but in my heart I don't want my name on a business I'm not part of. 

Instead of mourning Mink’s closing, I want to celebrate my decision to follow my happiness and all the wonderful years you and I’ve had together (Almost 13)!  Instead of having a traditional liquidation I’ve decided I wanted this to be different. We have PACKED the shop with new fall arrivals. I have chosen to bring you a ton of Carla Mink originals since this will be my last chance to make them and your last chance to get them. We still have a lot of other brands, but we’ve been working out booties off getting our stuff ready for the racks. As the sale goes on, we will continue to have new arrivals.  Why? Cause it’s fun and I want to end in celebration! This is my choice to close, and I want a damn party!! 

Starting today the whole store will be 25% off. I encourage you to buy sooner rather than later; from experience the good stuff goes very quickly. And I won’t be increasing the discount until sizes start selling out. Please come to celebrate happiness and new beginnings.  

All the best,
Carla Mink

Mink Boutique
3418 SE Hawthorne Blvd



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