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Fashion Show Alert! Fade to Light Returns 🚨

The always entertaining fashion show turns 7 and promises a new Avant Garde segment with some big names.

By Eden Dawn September 11, 2019

A collections from March's Fade to Light.

Back in 2012, notable local fashion show producer Elizabeth Mollo wanted to mix up the traditional runway show and reach out to people beyond the same few fashion folks. She came up with Fade to Light, an event known for its multi-media approach where designers team with filmmakers for opening shorts, bands for live runway music, dance teams for choreographed sets, and so much more. The idea worked. Fade to Light is always more than just a fashion show, and the experience of people watching as humans from all the artistic categories mingle under one embellished Crystal Ballroom roof is fantastic. 

This time around expect a mix of newbies and seasoned pros. Students from Portland Fashion Institute will show along familiar Fade to Light names Sara Bergman and Veil & Valor. Additionally, Mollo promises a “special Avant Garde segment” with a whole host of heavy hitters— Altar Houseline, Laurs Kemp, Michelle Lesniak, NDA Leather, and Sonia Kasparian. The creative possibilities with that lot are endless and sure to be entertaining.

Fade to Light: A Multidimensional Fashion Event

8 p.m. Wed, Sep 18, The Crystal Ballroom, $20–75


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