Get High while Getting a Pedicure in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Nail artist Nomi Miraj comes to your door (masked and with gloves) for chill spa times.

By Eden Dawn October 15, 2020

Nail artist Nomi Miraj emphasizes a 420 friendly atmosphere for her signature manicures and pedicures.

Self-care is different for everyone. Maybe it’s a bubble bath or a quiet screen-free night reading in front of a fire. But if your idea of relaxing looks like having an edible and getting a pedicure in your own home, you need to know Nomi Miraj.

Miraj runs a one-woman business under the name Nomsternailz where she gives clients the option to come to her downtown studio for dedicated service, or she can pack up her kit and come to your door and you can partake in weed and nail art at your pleasure. It's a genius move during a pandemic when many folks find the anxiety that comes from sharing an indoor space with strangers for an hour negates the chill time a mani/pedi is supposed to provide.

“I have been doing this mobile service for three years now and I feel like it's safer than working in the salon with other people, seeing too many customers in a day. I feel safer going to people's homes. We're both wearing a mask and I’m wearing gloves,” says Miraj about the process. “The cleaning part has always been a really big part of my work, so I don't feel too different right now. I’m very thankful that I figured something out like this before in my pre-Covid lifestyle.”

An example of Miraj's nail art.

Clients can choose from Miraj’s online menu which ranges from a simple, basic manicure for $22 up to her most popular menu item, the Cannacure for $75. This signature spa pedicure includes CBD infused products at every level, starting out with a salt soak, a tingling mint sugar scrub, a foot mud mask, foot massage, and a hot tea. And yes, everything has CBD in it.  Regardless if you go hands or feet, most clients opt for letting Miraj work her nail art magic—each nail a tiny little canvas where she perfects her painterly strokes with nearly lifelike crystal geode replications, abstract art, or even little blue monsters. And, of course, if you want to add some THC to the mix, she’s cool with it.

“I have clients in the cannabis industry and other industries. If it's your house—or we have a small private studio that people can come to—you can consume cannabis so you can get high while you're getting your manicure and pedicure,” she says. "Sometimes when people go to the nail salon during their lunch, it’s rushing and nonstop. Here you can sit back and relax and actually enjoy your self-care services.”

In other words: Sit back, (inhale) exhale, and relax. 

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