This Dreamy New Lingerie Lookbook Looks Like Pre-Raphaelite Paintings

Local lingerie company Jane's Vanity teamed up with photographer and collage artist, Mindy Byrd, for stunning new editorial photos.

By Eden Dawn December 12, 2020

2020: the year that tried to kill local fashion. No runway shows. No big photoshoots. No boutique parties crammed full of people sipping wine from tiny, clear plastic cups while taking your new outfit for a spin. Instead, it's been a year of small businesses struggling to stay afloat without nearly enough federal help and stretchy pants in front of Zoom calls. 

That combination might be the tipping point that nearly took me to tears when I saw Jane's Vanity's new holiday lookbook. For 30 years, the Portland-based online retailer has brought silky nighties, lace bralettes, and velvet jackets to shoppers all over the world, often producing impressive photoshoots along the way. This time around they worked with photographer Mindy Byrd and with her signature photo-collage work, delicate black lace ruffles, beautiful full-bloom flowers, soft lighting, and stately poses, these photos are far more lovely art than they are a company catalog. 

"Given the struggles of the year, we wanted to create something that was beautiful and dreamy and could offer the viewer a fairytale escape," says Jane's Vanity business manager (and shoot art director/stylist) Emily Tate. "Inspired by pre-Raphaelite paintings, we teamed up with local florist Nico of Spellbound Flowers to create an amazing immersive floral installation for the day, and photographer Mindy Byrd to capture the scene. We worked with a truly tiny team for safety, and are so very proud of the final result." 

It also reminds me that one day we will be back at those buzzing runway shows, admiring the work of collaborative photoshoots, and squished into boutique parties. Until then, I'll happily look at these lovely photos.

CREDITS: Photographer and Collage: Mindy Byrd | Hair and Makeup: Kylie Sallee | Floral Design: Spellbound Flowers | Styling & Art Direction: Emily Tate | Models: Leigh Nishi-StrattnerDiansa AnuenueAlex Fernandez. See the full lookbook here.

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