Do Revenge in These Portland-Found Outfits

Netflix’s new high school dark comedy features a variety of quirky ensembles and accessories, and we’ve sourced similar outfits from around town.

By Isabel Lemus Kristensen October 11, 2022

Maya Hawke as Eleanor does revenge and fashion, all at once

Netflix’s dark comedy Do Revenge hit television screens in September, and its fresh take on teen rage and payback is not the only thing that stands out. From the get-go, viewers are treated to vibrant, ‘90s and early 2000s-inspired outfits, such as the pastel purple and green plaid ensembles that adorn the popular clique of the Rosehill Country Day private school. 

The film follows Drea Torres, Rosehill’s queen bee who is in possession of a wicked fashion sense, as she teams up with transfer student Eleanor to exact revenge on their enemies. It's all motivated by Drea’s boyfriend, Max, who has leaked a private video of her. Relentless sabotage—and a very unexpected twist—ensue.

Bonus: The movie is brimming with references to iconic films like Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, Heathers, and Clueless. (A feathery pink Cher pen even makes a brief appearance.) 

These references are part of what influenced the movie’s colorful wardrobe. Costumer designer Alana Morshead took inspiration from Jawbreaker as well as ‘90s supermodels like Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington for Drea’s outfits, she told Popsugar. There are also accessories aplenty featured in the film: Y2K-inspired hairclips, cat eye sunglasses, berets, bucket hats, sheer socks, and lots of earrings.  

Morshead has also said sourced the costumes from eBay, thrift stores, and small woman-run businesses. While many of the characters’ outfits are one-of-a-kind pieces, you can still find similar looks at shops around Portland. From floral statement earrings to bright colored suits, we’ve put together a locally-sourced ensemble to help you do your very own revenge. Bad partners, beware.  

The Empower Colorblock Tux Blazer, Wildfang  

$195, 404 SW 10th Ave 

Eleanor (played by Stanger Things’ Maya Hawke) often wears clothing with warmer tones throughout the film, such as the metallic orange suit and top entirely made of pants zippers that she dons for Rosehill’s debauched senior Admissions Party. This tailored fit blazer from Wildfang comes in a handful of striking colors, including a chili reddish-orange. Whether you’re going to work or to a party, it should make you feel just as powerful and glamorous as Eleanor. 

Tulle T-Shirt, Wild Cactus Boutique  

$110, 3638 SE Division St.  

Take a note from Eleanor’s wardrobe of floral prints—and all of Cher’s iconic sheer tops featured in Clueless—with this tulle number (outfit number four above) from SE Division’s Wild Cactus Boutique. The top is printed with water-based inks and is made from a recycled fiber that uses plastic bottles and waste from the Mediterranean Sea, so you can feel ecologically responsible and vengeful at the same time.  

Floral Earrings, Hello Sunshine Art and Vintage  

$20-32, 3022 E Burnside St  

Floral drops made by Portland artist Hellsea. 

From quirky, multicolored daisies to Drea’s heart-shaped drops, there’s no denying that statement earrings are a big deal in Do Revenge. We’ve found a pair of floral earrings created by Hellsea, a multidisciplinary artist from Portland, that give total Eleanor vibes. 

 Cat Eye Sunnies and Hair Clips, Tender Loving Empire 

$12-25, Multiple Locations  

Cat eye sunglasses and hair clips sold at Tender Loving Empire. 

Protect your eyes from the sun and put your hair up like Drea Torres (played by Riverdale’s Camila Mendes) with these bold hair clips and rimless sunglasses from Chunks Shop. The woman of color owned company is based out of Seattle, and a pair of its line slides actually make an appearance in Do Revenge. These accessories can be found online or at Tender Loving Empire locations around Portland.  

Floral Crew Socks, Seven Sisters 

$34, 811 E. Burnside Street 

If you pay close attention, you might notice that Rosehill’s posse of popular, rich kids always accessorize their pastel-hued uniforms with fun add-ons similar to this pair of floral-printed, sheer crew socks from LA-based artist Hannah Byun. The
Hansel from Basel socks are available at Seven Sisters, which highlights local and international artists and makers.  

Check out the trailer for further fashion inspiration. 


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