A Match Made in Portland: The Trail Blazers & the PDX Airport Carpet

The City Edition look includes one of Rip City’s most iconic patterns.

By Dalila Brent November 10, 2022

Love the Portland Trail Blazers and love Portland International Airport? Well, you can now love and rep both at the same time. On Thursday, the NBA team revealed its 2022–2023 City Edition uniforms, which pay homage to everyone’s favorite bright teal PDX airport carpet.

Under the "Uniquely Portland" category, the familiar carpet pattern is featured as a sash across the front of the jerseys—which come in black—and along the side of the shorts. While the airport had no involvement with the design, they’re thrilled about the results.

“We love that the Blazers chose to feature the pattern from the iconic PDX carpet,” says Kama Simonds, media relations manager for Portland International Airport. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this pattern is the lucky stripe to take the team to the Championships!”

Paying homage to the PDX airport carpet is nothing new. The carpet pattern, which has been retired, wasn't trademarked—which helps explain why it shows up on everything from coffee mugs to rain boots. Aside from the countless shoe pics pressed again the carpet floating around cyberspace, the pattern has been featured on leggings, at an art gallery, and even in music videos.

Looking to purchase a piece of the city? Find them online at Rip City Clothing Co. The City Edition jerseys will run you $140, and $100 for the shorts.