Introducing Tannery Bar

Skin & Bones is reborn as a cozy cocktail joint.

01/23/2013 By Benjamin Tepler


Aria Gin

Martin Ryan Distilling captures Oregon’s essence in a dry gin.

01/23/2013 By Kenneth Friedenreich


Bubble Up in 2013

New Years Eve may have come and gone, but 'tis still the season for light and refreshing winter cocktails with a bit of fizz.

12/31/2012 By Allison Jones



What’s in a cocktail name? We find out.

09/21/2012 By Danielle Strom


Bar Trend: Mezcal


Portland Cocktails

Morso Unveils Cocktail Program

Kenny Giambalvo’s Italian eatery is launching a small but mighty selection of classic cocktails.

08/24/2012 By Allison Jones


Taste of Beervana

Portland Monthly's selection of can’t-miss beer hot spots and why we like 'em. From Saraveza in North Portland to the Horse Brass Pub in Southeast, each location has made it to four-star "special lady" status in our little black book of bars.

08/20/2012 By Kasey Cordell, John Chandler, and Rachel Ritchie


The New Masters

Five local beer masters working their breeches off to better microbrews for you and for the future. Skill and international experience make these talented men and women poised to redefine what it means to be "beer."

08/20/2012 By Christian DeBenedetti


Best New Bars 2012

Portland's newest wave of watering holes is redefining the local drinking culture all over again. Pull up a stool and learn about the places, drinks, and trends leading the way.

07/19/2012 Edited by Rachel Ritchie With Benjamin Tepler and Allison Jones


Happy Hour: Sweet Hereafter

A nice, trendy bar—whether you are a vegan or not.



Portland’s Best Bloody Marys

Sometimes you need an eye-opener on top of your morning java. For those occasions we've whittled down a roster of Portland's best Bloody Marys. Cheers!

02/23/2012 Edited by Rachel Ritchie and Karen Brooks By Allison Jones

Scene & Heard

Bloody Valentine

Even the doom-and-gloom crowd can look for love at the Lovecraft Bar.

01/26/2012 By Georgia Perry

Halloween Fun

Halloween Hijinks

A cocktail and a game for your seasonal soiree

10/28/2011 By John Chandler

Mixology 101

We’ve Got Spirits!

The second annual Portland Cocktail Week is coming

10/03/2011 By Max Gelber

Money Talks

Cocktails: The Price We Pay

How much is too much?

08/31/2011 By John Chandler

Eat & Drink

High Spirits

Peruse an innovative menu of fresh combos and local liquor at the newly opened Bent Brick.

08/19/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Behind Bars

New Bars in Town

Whether it’s umbrella drinks or an underground vibe you’ll find a stool.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Oswego Grill

A confluence of comfort and style

07/11/2011 By Chelsea Fitch

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Temple Bar

Knob Hill’s Indish is reborn is a whiskey & classic cocktail lounge, with a budget-friendly (and worthy) Happy Hour menu to boot.

03/16/2011 By Anna Sachse

Mark your calendar

More Drinking Dates

Everything from soup to so long, Tommy

02/22/2011 By John Chandler