Animal House

So You Adopted a Pet During the Pandemic?

The Pixie Project has some advice for you.

09/20/2020 By Gabriel Granillo

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Year of the Nurse: The Advocate

Thomas Gazeley, RN at Trillium Family Services, Mid Valley Campus

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Hometown Hero

Spencer Hall, Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Frontline Phenom

Lacey Morris, Registered Nurse & Clinical Programs Manager, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center – McMinnville Clinics

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Friendly Smile

John Rodriguez, Emergency Department Nurse, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Heart of Gold

Jenifer Ryan, Cardiology Nurse, The Oregon Clinic – Tualatin

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

Oregon Fires

Smoky Skies Halt Outdoor Dining In Portland—But For How Long?

Restaurants and food carts are facing tough calls about whether to remain open, temporarily close, or move things indoors.

09/17/2020 By Katherine Chew Hamilton and Ainslee Dicken

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Year of the Nurse: The Unflinching Responder

Jeff Sogo, Lead Registered Nurse in Urgent Care Unit, The Vancouver Clinic Ridgefield

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

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Year of the Nurse: The Guardian Angels

Brianna Mishler, Pediatric Nurse, and Kathy Perko, Director of Palliative Care Education & Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

09/17/2020 By Ben McBee

The Great Escape

As COVID Wears On, Some City Residents Are Heading for the Hills

"People want to grow their own garden and have chickens—live a little more of the farm-style life and be more self-sustainable, in case something happens wit...

09/16/2020 By Julia Silverman


Please, We Beg You, Go Get a Flu Shot*

*As soon as it's safe to leave your house, that is

09/14/2020 By Riley Blake

Mask Up

Portland Actor Creates 360 Mask Challenge

The Grimm star's new video shows mask wearers from across the country and world.

09/11/2020 By Ainslee Dicken

Warriors of the Pandemic

How the Portland Pickles Pulled Off a Summer Baseball Season

It took temperature guns, ice, and a lot of flexibility, an intern reports.

09/10/2020 By Alli Weseman

Vax On, Vax Off

What If a Vaccine Comes to Oregon and No One Gets It?

In a state where vaccine skeptics abound, there’s no guarantee enough people will take a coronavirus vaccine, even if one is available.

09/09/2020 By Julia Silverman


Oregon's Labor Day Weekend Forecast: Sunny, With a Chance of COVID?

Pondering whether to hit the road this holiday? We've got thoughts.

09/04/2020 By Julia Silverman

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Kids and Masks: Talking About Safety and Comfort

Even though kids may be less likely than adults to become seriously ill with COVID-19, they can still spread the virus to other more vulnerable people in their family and their community.


Write Out Loud

These Local Writing Workshops Will Help You Process This Moment

“So many of us are inhaling and not exhaling. We’re just sort of taking it all in, and we’re just being burdened and stressed and our bodies literally cannot...

08/22/2020 By Gabriel Granillo


Six Months Later: A Quick Look at Coronavirus in Oregon

It's been six months since the first Oregonian tested positive for COVID-19. A lot can happen in half a year.

08/07/2020 By Gabriel Granillo and Margaret Seiler

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A Lifesaving Village in the Face of COVID-19

After 93 days of hospitalization and care, one Kaiser Permanente patient is rebounding and well into recovery.



This Portland-Based Company Is Helping Non-English Speakers Get Medical Care They Need

With the coronavirus’s disproportionate effect on the Latinx community and communities of color, language access and medical interpretation are more importan...

08/03/2020 By Gabriel Granillo