Movers & Shakers

Perfect Party: Winter 2023

From Pinocchio to Ryan Reynolds, here’s who we’re inviting to the dinner table to warm us up this season.

By Conner Reed December 21, 2022 Published in the December 2022 issue of Portland Monthly

Ryan Reynolds

Cocktails are on this perennial celebrity hall pass-slash-Aviation Gin co-owner, after the company opened a new distillery in Northwest Portland in the fall. We swear we won’t make you do Deadpool, Ryan—until we’re at least three drinks deep.

Liberace & Liza

We’ve asked cabaret performers David Saffert and Jillian Snow Harris to swing by and hit some high notes after their Liberace & Liza holiday show at Portland Center Stage. But what we really want to know, L&L, is who you’d invite to a dinner party—anyone, living or dead.

Sandy Le

Lollipops for the LeCare Pharmacy owner, who got a pat on the back from the CDC after LeCare vaccinated more people against COVID than any other pharmacy in Oregon. Always good to have a white coat on hand in case anyone still needs a booster.

Kelli Hubly

Oregon pinot for the Thorns defender, who played all 1,980 minutes of the 2022 season and earned the title of Iron Woman. The front office might be falling apart in a long-time-coming reckoning, Kel, but you always have your teammates’ backs.


Guillermo del Toro’s Portland-made, Italy-set stop-motion feature about the world’s most famous liar is one of the season’s buzziest movies, so we’ve invited the wooden boy himself for honest opinions on the food. We promise, kid, the protein on the table won’t be crickets.