Restaurant Openings

Gluten-Free Gem Moves to New Retail Shop on NE Broadway

Portland’s oldest gluten-free bakery has finally opened its first public storefront.

04/04/2017 By Molly Woodstock

Breaking News

Pixie Retreat Raw’r Announces New Pearl District Lunch Space

Chow down on decadent vegan puddin’ and plant-based BLTs in the former Supa space on NW Glisan, starting November 30.

11/22/2016 By Molly Woodstock

Good Eats

Three New Gluten-Free, Vegan, Women-Owned Businesses We Love

These divine local treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and your healthy side.

09/30/2016 By Molly Woodstock

Food News

Departure’s Summer’s End Vegan Dinner Is Back—and Already Selling Out

Celebrity chef Gregory Gourdet's annual plant-based celebration will take place September 26 in collaboration with Wicked Healthy Food's Derek Sarno.

09/01/2016 By Molly Woodstock

Good Eats

Our Favorite Raw Meals for the Hottest Days of the Year

An entirely raw diet may sound awful most of the time. But when the temperatures hit triple digits, it's the only way to eat.

08/19/2016 By Molly Woodstock

Body Talk

Treat Yo’self to Cruelty-Free Body Care with The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty

A four-ingredient, gluten-free, vegan black forest chocolate cake face mask? Yeah, we’ve got the recipe.

08/19/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Are Crickets the Protein of the Future?

Oregon’s Poda Foods makes cricket powder that is edible, sustainable, and nutritious (and, apparently, mild in flavor).

08/15/2016 By Kailla Coomes

Good Eats

Goodbye, Juice Cleanse! Hello, Raw Vegan Meal Delivery!

Portland company Forelle delivers fresh, plant-based meals to your door.

07/13/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Verde Cocina Announces New N Mississippi Outpost

The farm-fresh Mexican café will take over the North Light space in late June.

06/03/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Let Two New Raw Treat Companies Sweeten Your Next Dinner Party

Local makers Nibs & Greens and Cibo Vivo craft crowd-pleasing cakes, bars, and bonbons.

03/17/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Bone, Mugs, and Harmony

Haters gonna hate, but Broth Bar heals winter chills, one sip at a time.

12/21/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Three Things to Eat at Fremont’s Every Diet-Friendly Thrive Sauce & Bowls

The healthy truck caterer settles into its brick-and-mortar space with vibrantly sauced rice and bean bowls for gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and, gasp, meat-eaters, too.

12/16/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Win Your Holiday Party With These Crowd-Pleasing Cookie Recipes by Portland Pros

Our favorite bakers dish on their most delicious cookies—they’re allergy-friendly and healthy(ish), to boot!

12/15/2015 By Molly Woodstock


Inside The Maple Parlor, Hawthorne's New Self-Serve Sundae Shop

The new dessert destination appeals to all diets with strawberry-beet soft serve, candied bacon, and toppings galore.

10/19/2015 By Molly Woodstock


Healthy Haven Thrive Sauce and Bowls Now Open on NE Fremont

The health-conscious food truck puts down roots in the former Alameda Cafe space.

09/28/2015 By Molly Woodstock


Portland's 10 Hottest Healthy Dishes of 2015

Welcome to flavor country, where locals are taking guilt-free nosh to a whole new level.

07/13/2015 By Rachel Ritchie and Molly Woodstock


Explore the New Carts at Alberta’s Paleo and Vegan-Friendly Pod

Tucked away in an Alberta alley awaits a trio of allergen-free food carts.

05/14/2015 By Molly Woodstock


Indulgent Portland Bar Food for Every Alt-Diet

Vegan, gluten-free, and omnivorous pals can eat and drink together in harmony with a new wave of Portland pub grub.

04/30/2015 By Molly Woodstock


5 Reasons to Look Forward to Portland's Newest Sundae Shop

The Maple Parlor promises self-serve sundaes suitable for lifestyles from vegan to Paleo.

04/17/2015 By Molly Woodstock


Back to Eden Brings Food Cart “Cottage” to Southeast Portland

The local bakery will sell gluten-free and vegan treats at Tidbit Food Farm.

04/13/2015 By Molly Woodstock