favorite plants

The Sweet, Sweet Scent of Autumn at Lan Su

sweet olive trees in bloom!

11/03/2011 By Kate Bryant

plant explorations

Oh Terrariums, How I Love You!

fantastical terrarium creations at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens

01/14/2011 By Kate Bryant

plant explorations

Travels in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens

01/12/2011 By Kate Bryant

Festival notes

It's the Pirate's Life for Me

Intern Geoff Earl serves as a buccaneer bouncer at the Portland Pirate Festival


profile: good businesses

Ferguson’s Fragrant Garden Nursery and Heirloom Garden Roses

An easy half-day jaunt in the St. Paul, OR area

09/13/2010 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Dahlias and More Dahlias!

Florid, frothy fluff-ball flowers!

09/03/2010 By Kate Bryant

garden tours

A Garden With Chutzpa

07/18/2010 By Kate Bryant

Get Dirty

Pruning Lavender

here’s how to do it – plus highlights from the Lavender Festival

07/11/2010 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Visit Luscher Farm

Oregon Tilth Organic demonstration gardens, a clematis vine collection, community gardens, Three Rivers Land Conservancy trails and more

06/30/2010 By Kate Bryant

Drinking & Dining

The Beer Belly Dinner

Dining event offers abundance of brews and foodstuffs

05/19/2010 By Emma Hall

garden tours

Porterhowse Farms

colorful conifer cones

05/07/2010 By Kate Bryant

plant files

Tulip Time

- a great time to decide which tulips to plant for next year

04/17/2010 By Kate Bryant

Festival Report

Spring Beer and Wine Festival

Lots of brews and no lines = bliss

04/06/2010 By John Chandler

places to go

Bishop’s Close Garden

03/09/2010 By Kate Bryant

Light a Fire 2009

The Freshwater Trust

For 26 years, the group, armed with rubber boots and waders, has removed trash and invasive species from our rivers’ edges, helped redirect stream flows to make waterways more fish-friendly, and planted stream-saving trees.


Light a Fire 2009

Jon Springer

The nonprofit organization, Elders in Action, works to provide seniors with a better quality of life. Sometimes that’s as simple as offering a sympathetic ear, and sometimes it means tackling complex issues like medical debt.


Light a Fire 2009

Kreeg Peeples

Kreeg Peeples is ashamed to admit that years ago, when his son was collecting canned food for needy families, he wondered why the recipients didn’t just go get a job. “I didn’t understand then that they were getting the bad breaks that you and I didn’t,”


Light a Fire 2009

Matt Morton

Only 34 percent of Native American students in Portland Public Schools graduate within four years. It’s a number that Matt Morton—board chair for the Native American Youth and Family Center, or NAYA, a 35-year-old advocacy and resource center for Portland