Last of the Big Ones

Scientists with Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute look to uncover the secrets of the mysterious ocean dwellers.

03/22/2022 By Cami Hughes


A Naturalist's Six Tips for Soaking Up Autumn on the Oregon Coast

Robert Steelquist wrote a fact-packed guide to exploring the Northwest's shores. We asked him for a little cold-weather knowledge. (Hint: hug the estuaries.)

09/20/2016 By Regina Winkle-Bryan


Meet the Resident Gray Whales of Depoe Bay

Marine biologist Carrie Newell introduces us to Scarback, Comet, and the very precocious Eagle Eye.

05/05/2016 By Caitlin Collins

Whale Watch

5 Ways to Spot a Whale during Oregon's Spring Watch Week

20,000 gray whales are on the move! Catch sight of the ocean's most magnificent mammals on your next trip to the Oregon Coast.

03/18/2016 By Caitlin Collins