Surf Nazis from Heck

Heading to Seaside? Watch your back.

December 4, 2009

A surfer friend of mine alerted me to a story this week on KGW about “localism” (read: fear mongering) practiced by local surfers at Seaside Point. The juicy lefts here are evidently worth fighting over. Literally.

Because the Muddy Boot sometimes dons neoprene and paddles out for a set or two—albeit at more congenial breaks—and because I subscribe to Surfing magazine (seriously, the interview with a surfer’s girlfriend column is fantastic) I thought the report was worth mentioning here.

Check out the video.

In a scene seemingly scripted for Point Break, possibly the greatest surf-crime drama ever filmed, KGW reporter, Teresa Yuan, gets greeted by a bird-flipping, hooded surf bully who orders her to stop filming and hinted that other people had had their cameras broken on the beach. (Damn, where’s Johnny Utah when you need some backup?!)

At least one Portland surfer doesn’t plan on taking such irate localism lying down. In a post placed on craigslist after the report, he proposed a gang of friendly bro-heroes to take back the beach. If he needs a name for his crew, we suggest, the Point Breakers.

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