Action Jackson

Looking for snow? Head east, young man.

February 2, 2010

Holy snow gods! Has anyone noticed what’s going on out Jackson way? As in Jackson Hole, blessed land of the saber-toothed Tetons, the country’s gnarliest aerial tram (no offense, OHSU), and the legendary Mangy Moose bar?

During the month of January, while Portland skiers have mostly been left high and dry, this western outpost of Rocky Mountain skiing has been absolutely hogging up the pow: a mind-boggling 9-feet of snow has fallen in the last 30 days give or take, much of it within the last several days.

The forecast isn’t letting up either. Liberal dustings are predicted all the way through the weekend. Translation: now’s the time to gas up the Subie and hightail it for Wyoming (C’mon, there’s only one little state between us). While you’re out that way, you can plunder Grand Targhee too. They scored 14-inches yesterday.

No seriously, tell the boss-man, it’s a-okay. You deserve this.

I’ll take the first shift behind the wheel.

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