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The City of Gresham’s Heritage Trees are Full of History—and Hidden Treasure.

March 1, 2010

Okay, Geocachers—time to gear up. The City of Gresham is sponsoring a hunt for the GPS-enabled, treasure-chasers among us. (I know you’re out there, the sport was invented here after all.)

Starting today you can check the city’s website or Facebook page (Yes, even Gresham is hip to Facebook these days), or Twitter feed for clues regarding the whereabouts of three bronze medallions and letterboxes that have been cached near three of the town’s “significant” trees.

The City cooked up the hunt to draw awareness to its trove of heritage trees (there are about 50 in the town—everything from a Giant Sequoia to an exotic looking Monkey Puzzle tree) and to encourage attendance at its upcoming Tree Forum on March 13, where officials will be taking community input on their new Urban Forestry Management Plan.

Those lucky enough to score one of the three medallions can exchange them at the forum for a $40 gift certificate at Drake’s 7 Dees. The stashed letterboxes also contain “tree stamps.” Stamp your notepad with one of these little prizes and you can take home (what else?) a tree sapling to plant.

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