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Oregon: we’re huge in Europe

The Old World’s favorite travel show finally invites Oregonians to tune in

March 5, 2010

If you’re one of those folks who happens to think everything sounds a bit jazzier with an English accent, hold on to your hat. This week, Oregon Uncovered, a popular European travel show, has become available in the US, via iTunes.

Developed by Travel Oregon for the Travel Channel, the 15-part series, which began airing overseas last year, highlights seven different regions in the state (the Willamette Valley, the Coast, the Central Cascades, etc.). About 48 million people in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and lots of other countries that dig beer as much as we do, tune into the show—enough Euros, apparently, to warrant a stateside expansion.

The episodes, which you can download weekly, play like an upmarket version of Globe Trekker and might be a bit boilerplate for longtime locals. (The series kicks off with the overly chipper host, Alistair, lounging at the Heathman and touring the Portland Farmer’s market.) But you can laugh along as our English guest refers to the MAX as a tram, and gets astounded by all the “veg” at the market. And, since this is Oregon we’re talking about, future podcasts promise to get more adventurous (and possibly more humorous) with skiing and climbing in Bend and surfing trips appearing on the to-do list.

As an added bonus, subscribers can also get free downloads of Grant’s Getaways which features longtime local host Grant McOmie checking out cool things like mountain biking at LL Stub Stewart State Park and steelheading on the Sandy River.

Of course, with Grant’s show, you’ll have to imagine your own cockney accent. Robin Leach anyone?

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