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Get Out Guide: Apr 22, 2010

April 22, 2010

So what was the first e-mail I got today? A note from a coworker reminding the office that we should all take it easy on the printers today (everyday, actually). Ah, must be Earth Day! Indeed. So to keep the planet-loving vibe rolling all weekend long, here’s a special Earth Day edition of this week’s Get Out Guide:

Do Your Homework
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality debuted their new Oregon Carbon Calculator a few weeks ago. This handy tool digs a bit deeper than other similar calculators by taking into account everything from how much you spend on clothes to what you eat—and for good measure your carbon footprint summary even comes with an emoticon. Smiley face or not, consider it a good jumping off point for your anti-carbon crusading.

Screen Time
Carbon score got you down? Well, nothing warms the soul like the cuddly face of a baby seal. And tonight you can see plenty of loveable salt-water critters during the Lloyd Center Cinema’s screening of Disney’s Oceans. Of course, a little extra butter on the popcorn can put a smile back on your face too.

In the Running
Come Saturday morning you can burn off those cinematic indiscretions by registering for the Earth Day Advantage Earth Day Run. Tackle either a 10K or a 5K course, both of which begin and end at the Earth Advantage National Center in Tigard where you can learn heaps about green building practices. Then stick around for live music, veggie burgers, and Hopworks organic beer.

Head for the Shed
If you’d rather get down and dirty for the planet, then try removing trash and pulling ivy during the First Annual Friends of Tryon Creek Watershed Wide Event. Register ahead of time and you can drop by a post-event appreciation lunch at the park’s pavilion. And plan on dropping by on Sunday for the park’s Celebrate the Earth party complete with arts and crafts, a “tall tale” contest, there’s even a costumed animal parade in the works for the kiddos.

And remember: refer to this list as often as you like, but whatever you do, don’t print it out!

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