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Get Out Guide: Apr 30, 2010

Swooping falcons, prowling bobcats, damn good tacos, and—Lorenzo Lamas?

April 30, 2010

Falcon Crest
Okay, there’s no remake in store for the 80s soapy gem that unleashed Lorenzo Lamas on an unsuspecting public. But Saturday is your chance to catch some truly cool birds: Peregrine falcons (otherwise known as the fastest birds in the world). For the last few years, several falcons have nested on the Marquam Bridge. Assisting in this operation is the staff from the Audubon Society. They’ll have binoculars and spotting scopes set up along the Springwater Trail (near OMSI) to help you zoom in on the bridge and the beaks. Plus, Auduboners can answer just about any falcon-related query you lob at them. Except, maybe, questions about what Lorenzo Lamas (otherwise known as the stiffest actor in the world) has been up to lately.

Take Some Refuge
Speaking of birds, tomorrow, an additional three miles of hiking trails open up at Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. If you haven’t been before, this is a great urban excursion with many easy opportunities to spot wildlife. And this time year marks the arrival of songbirds to the area. (By the way, if you think you can’t spot wildlife at an “urban” refuge, check out this picture of a bobcat taken at Metro’s Cooper Mountain Nature Park this week.) Be sure to stop inside Tualatin’s visitor center, where you’ll find a big spotting scope and current beta on recent critter sightings. And whatever you do, don’t miss these tacos on the way home.

Maz Men
The calendar says May, but the mountain says it’s mid-March—a foot of snow has fallen on Hood this week. To indulge the diehards, Meadows is still cranking away with weekend operations till the 15th. On the heels of last week’s pond skimming contest, Meadows is hosting the Mazotfest Charity Fun Race. Each run costs $10 (proceeds benefit Meadows’ fledgling avalanche rescue dog program) and is open to recreational skiers and snowboarders. Plenty of brew from Hood River’s Double Mountain Brewery will be on hand and you can even shake paws with mountain’s avy-savvy pooches. Beer and dogs? How can you go wrong?

Now Get Outta Here!

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