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The updated Curious Gorge guide is this summer’s must-read book.

June 22, 2010

If you’re planning an outing in the Gorge this afternoon, you won’t want to miss out on Scott Cook’s book-signing event at Dog River Coffee Co. in Hood River.

The local guidebook author will be setting up shop there this evening to discuss a few of his favorite excursions listed in the newly released 3rd edition of his offbeat Curious Gorge guidebook series.

The updated Curious Gorge has been completely rewritten and is packed with more than 60 new entries, for a total of 109 outings. Plus there’s an appendix calling attention to everything from funky mossed-over picnic tables to Gorge locales that have served as backdrops for movies.

As in past editions, Cook, who’s also known for his wacky (and clothing optional) Pokin’ Round the Gorge guidebook, includes his take on well-tread Gorge highlights like Dog Mountain and Eagle Creek, but his trademark remains unearthing secretive goodies such as the view of Mount Adams from Steamboat Mountain and the slosh up Dry Creek to a hidden waterfall that were previously known only by tight-lipped Gorge locals.

That said, with such a deep roster of itineraries it’s inevitable that a few suggestions, like a short stroll along the Whistle Punk Trail near Carson where you can visit a giant crane used to study forest canopies, are bound to be a bit too obscure for most hikers. A fact not lost on the author, as each excursion comes ranked according to Cook’s own “Obscurometer ”.

The book-signing event begins at 6:00 p.m. at Dog River Coffee Co. (411 Oak Street, Hood River; 541-386-4502) The Curious Gorge guidebook is also available at Powell’s Books.

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