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Get Out Guide: Oct 18, 2010

Aerial obstacles, used skis, and lots of lots of nudity. Oh yeah, it’s the weekend!

June 18, 2010

Re-gifting Done Right
In case you hadn’t noticed, this weekend is Father’s Day. Which means if you know what’s good for the family, you’ll have no doubt spent the last several months carefully discerning just the right gift to buy for dear old Dad. What’s that? This hallowed occasion slipped your mind? No sweat, REI has you covered. Tomorrow the Portland location is once again hosting its Members Used Gear Sale where you’re likely to score everything from a sweet pair of powder skis to a seaworthy kayak, each with a bit of mileage on them, yes. But when Dad sees that tricked out Osprey pack he’s been wanting for half the price, he’ll be glad you stopped by. And don’t forget, if you bring a few canned food items for REI’s Oregon Food Bank benefit, you can knock off up to five bucks of your purchase price. But whatever you do, show up early. The best deals, just like the best days with Dad, go fast.

Adventure in the Park
No idea what Dad wants to do on his big day? Odds are he’s going to find something he fancies up at Ski Bowl this weekend. On Saturday, the sleepy ski area springs back to life with its long-awaited summer incarnation: Mount Hood Adventure Park. Chock full of activities like mini golf, disc golf, zip lines, go carts, not to mention the signature, half-mile long Alpine Slide, and up to 40 miles worth of lift-serviced mountain bike trails, this is a veritable bonanza of no-brainer family fun.

Up a Tree
Speaking of adventure, the new Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Course has opened up near Henry Hagg Lake in Gaston. Think of this wacky (but oddly alluring) attraction as a sort of Northwest version of ABC’s Wipeout. Ok, nobody’s get dumped into mud pits here to the delight of smarmy commentators, but you do get to test your wits against an airborne obstacle course of wobbly bridges and razor thin tightropes strung up in some pretty darn tall trees. But I’m guessing that if you managed to talk Dad into braving this diversion, you had better have bought him something better than a lousy tie this weekend.

No Butts About it
But, say you have had enough family fun. Well, then I’d recommend phoning in a sitter for the kiddos and throwing caution—and your skivvies—to the wind for the annual World Naked Ride this Saturday night. Last year, some 5,000 goofballs took to the streets bearing only their bikes and Birthday suits (blinking lights abounded, too) for a night of pedal-powered tomfoolery billed as the largest such event in the country. As long as no one gets out of line, Portland police generally turn the other, uh, cheek, for this patently Portland showing. Which is good, because the last thing the Dad in your life needs this weekend is a rap sheet. (The ride meets at SE Salmon Street and Water Ave at 9:00 p.m.)

Now Get Outta Here!

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