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A new baker serves up addictive kicks at the Beaverton Farmers Market

July 6, 2010

At first it sounds like something you might sprinkle in your birdfeeder. Sort of looks like something you’d toss out there, too. What else can you say about a granola bar that commingles flax seeds, figs, dried, tart cherries, and pepitas (or pumpkin seeds) with its bits of oats and almonds?

But then, perhaps, because your wife is insisting, you take a bite and taste how the whole earthy concoction has been bonded together by a wondrously sticky combination of almond butter and honey. But most of all you feel the dual wallop of cayenne and cumin on your tongue. The effect of which is a bit like feeling a warm blast of air from the oven wash over your face. Only it’s happening in your mouth. And you like it. You might even notice a dribble of sweat on your brow. Next thing you know, you’re smacking your lips, craving another mouthful.

That pretty much sums my first experience with the “Kick” bar made by the new tiny, grassroots baking company Not Just Another Seedy Bar, which my wife helped me discover (thanks, honey!) at the Saturday Beaverton Farmers Market a few weeks ago.

The bars, which run $2.25 a piece (or 5 for $10.00) also come in a toned-down “No Kick” variety that’s chock full of apricots, coconuts, and ginger. I’d be happy to tell you how this spice-lite version tastes, but my 14-month-old gobbles bits of them up so gluttonously, I dare not deprive him of his fix, either.

Now, having been ruined on our standard GORP mix (and just about any other energy bar for that matter) my family arrives on the scene at the Beaverton Farmers Market each weekend to push our way through the throngs of cloth bag wielding suburban locavores in order to grab a fistful of these bars before heading out on a hike for the afternoon.

A word of warning though, since the farmers market is the only place you can find these goodies for the moment, should you decide to do the same, there’s a good chance you’ll have to push past me first.

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