Get Out Guide: July 9, 2010

Beachcombing, wildlife refuges, and a 150-foot-long halfpipe—it's time to jump into the weekend.

July 9, 2010

Roll Tide
In need of a simple plan to beat the heat? Pile in the car and make a break for the Coast. With minus tides forecast—and blessedly cooler temps—for the whole weekend, you won’t find a better time to try your hand at that most curious of beach activities, tidepooling. One of the closest spots for this oddly fascinating pastime is Ecola State Park where you can observe sea stars, anemones, and hermit crabs inhabiting the pools lining the south end of Indian Beach. Nearby, Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach is another tidal refuge where sea dwellers such as purple shore crabs and sea cucumbers have staked their claim. The frequent involvement from volunteers from the local Haystack Rock Awareness Program makes sightings even easier. But don’t just stare down around your feet. The 230-some-odd-foot monolithic rock overhead also happens to be a renowned spot to observe tufted Puffins soaring on the salty breeze. Did I mention the high temperature for Cannon Beach tomorrow is just 65 degrees?

Nature on Display
Speaking of birds, tomorrow morning out at Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, volunteers will be leading nature walks during the park’s Family Adventure Saturdays series. Wood ducks and their ducklings are common sights this time of year amid the area’s abundant oak savannah and wetland habitat. But from the large shaded observation deck, the handy park staff can also help kiddos spot other cool park denizens like otters and painted turtles.

Snow Kidding
Believe it or not there’s still plenty of snow to be found up on Hood. And tomorrow, the 13th Annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe snowboard competition is taking place on the slopes at Timberline. Started by Tim Windell, founder of Hood’s legendary Windell’s Camp, the event is free to enter and features both amateur boarders and pro riders from Bonfire and Salomon duking it out in a 150-foot-long half pipe, not to mention the chance for the public to check out Windell’s brand-spanking new concrete skate park later in the day. But if you prefer two-wheeled action, you can also slide over to the Mount Hood Adventure Park at Ski Bowl to check out the Fluidride Cup mountain bike race series. And should the proceedings leave you itchin’ to ride, you’ll be glad to know the park offers some 40 miles of high alpine, tree- and wildflower-lined trails at your disposal.

Now Get Outta Here!

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