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Let’s Talk Turkey

Burgerville dishes up the goods for the Oregon Environmental Council.

July 12, 2010

Golden-fried, local asparagus. Rosemary-sprinkled fries. Hazelnut milkshakes. Is there ever a bad time to duck into Burgerville for a bite? (OK, a full-blown chow session.) The Muddy Boot thinks not.
Add the local burger chain’s new Roasted Turkey and Cherry Chutney Wrap to your list of justifications for winding up in the drive-thru, yet again. From now until August 16, every time you order one of these turkey torpedoes, the Big B will kick part of the proceeds over to the Oregon Environmental Council, a group that over its 40-year lifespan has been responsible for such feats as passing the Mount Jefferson Wilderness Bill and establishing a statewide Global Warming Commission. Packed with locally sourced goods like Oregon cherries and a spinach tortilla made by Salem’s Don Pancho, this thing might even be good for you, too. But that shake you just ordered? Not so much.

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