Timberline introduces its new mascot

A new pooch clocks in for duty on Mount Hood

September 15, 2010

The first day on any job is always the toughest. The nervous jitters. Trying to remember everyone’s names. So many feet to sniff. Faces to lick. Can someone just feed you some lunch already? But most of all, will someone just tell you when—and where—you can take a leak.

It’s enough to make anyone curl up under a desk for a nap.

Welcome to the world of the newest Timberline pooch, Heidi. The painfully adorable droopy-eyed 8-week-old St. Bernard pup clocked in for her first day at the lodge yesterday.

Timberline’s tradition of employing St. Bernards—the only dogs allowed at the lodge—as mascots dates back to the lodge’s opening back in 1937 when a pair of Bernards named Lady and Bruel were the original wagging wet noses.

But since the 1960s, when a successful ad campaign featured a particularly handsome Bernard answering to Bruno, all successive mascots have become to be known as either Bruno or Heidi. (A popular 1980s children’s book, Heidi’s Rose, about the lodge’s dogs, helped popularize the latter moniker.)

And while the pooches no longer roam the lodge 24/7 (instead, they are entrusted to longtime employees as family pets) the hounds are still very much a part of Timberline’s aesthetic, and still hand out their fair share of slobbery greetings, albeit on a more dog-friendly 9-5 schedule.

Call me crazy, but despite the reduced hours, I sniff an Employee of the Month award in Heidi’s near future.

Of course, Mount Hood has had its share of other notable canines as well. Read more about the mountain’s storied dogs by clicking here.

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