A Field Guide to Forest Park

OPB’s award-winning Oregon Field Guide focuses its lens on the city’s largest urban wilderness

October 12, 2010

This Thursday OPB’s Oregon Field Guide, which kicked off its 22nd season last week, is devoting a half-hour special on Forest Park.

Filmed over the course of the last year, the show brings to light the fact that this renowned greenspace is facing unprecedented challenges, from invasions of non-native plants to a disturbing die-off of premature trees.

Expect the mountain biking issue to take center stage as well. In fact, while in the midst of filming for the episode, Field Guide crews encountered bikers who were constructing a rogue singletrack trail. But lest you think the show paints all bikers in a wicked light, think again. Crews stick around to show repair efforts by cyclists who prove to be just as big of tree huggers as the next park user.

You can also compare those tales to one of a former congressman who dug an illegal ditch and siphoned off water from Balch Creek in 1906 or the days when there were plans to drill for oil in the park. Just some of the historical anecdotes the special will touch on to provide some valuable perspective on what this park has come to mean to Portlanders.

If you ask me, it sure beats a night of Grey’s Anatomy.

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