Love Your River Campaign

Oregon Environmental Council has got a few easy ideas about how to show our waterways some good lovin’

October 18, 2010

For anyone worried about the health of your local watershed, the Oregon Environmental Council has some advice: just zip it—ZIP code it that is.

Last week, OEC, rolled out a new online campaign to help Oregonians understand the specific challenges facing our local creeks and rivers. Just as importantly, the campaign gets the word out about how tweaking your daily routine, even just a bit, can yield big benefits for our waterways.

Here’s how it works: check out LoveYourRiver.org, and plug in your ZIP code. Instantly, you’ll learn in which specific watershed you reside—and therefore be apprised of where your water runoff ends up—and receive a breakdown of the threats that are hounding the stream nearest to you.

Undoubtedly, wherever you hang your hat, some depressing news awaits—think bacteria, PCB’s, pesticides—but OEC has some no-brainer ideas about how to help. Each month, OEC will issue a simple challenge such as patching up any oil leaks from your car or properly disposing of your old medications, instead of, say, flushing your expired valiums down the toilet.

What good will that do, you ask? Consider this: According to OEC, each year Americans and their leaky rides spill more oil into our rivers than what the Exxon Valdez gushed out. So, yes, every little bit helps.

OEC is even prepared to bribe you. Complete at least six of OEC’s 12 goals, and you’ll be registered to score some outdoor swag like waterproof bike saddle bags from REI.

Now, as far as scoring a renewal for your vicodin prescription, well, you’re on your own.

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