La Nina Comes Calling

Weather pattern woos resorts on Hood, but is she in it for the long haul?

October 25, 2010

Let’s call it a commitment issue. After last year’s sub-par ski season, I’ve been hesitant to jump on the La Nina bandwagon. Yeah I know, every snow rider in the Pacific Northwest has been buzzing about the epic conditions this stormy gal can deliver. But I needed some tangible proof, something I could sink an edge into. This weekend has me giddy about the possibilities. Yesterday it dumped at Meadows, up to an inch an hour at times. And this morning, the resort is reporting 15 inches of new snow, with up to three feet expected by Wednesday. If forecasted conditions keep up, Meadows should be open by Thanksgiving. At Timberline, eight inches of snow coated the lodge. And yesterday at Ski Bowl, there was this update: If you were here, you would have snow falling on your head. Tangible indeed. Enough for me to punch, a ticket on the La Nina Express? Not yet. But I like where this relationship is headed.

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