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In need of some last minute homework on a candidate’s environmental record? OLCV has you covered.

November 1, 2010

So, Election Day is tomorrow and everyone has sealed up their ballots and dropped them off, right?

What? It’s still sitting on your kitchen counter with a stack of unread Patagonia catalogs, Clipper coupon mailers, and, after last night, spent wrappers of Snickers and Reese Peanut Buttercups. (OK, you did thumb through the Patagonia catalog.) Well, time to get cracking. Ballots are due by 8:00 p.m., tomorrow. Open that thing up, whip out a pen, and keep democracy alive, or, if you prefer, call it a one-person Rally Restore Sanity And/Or Fear.

As far as economic policies go, odds are that you have your mind settled on the big guns on the ticket this year. But if you’re still uncertain about the various office-seeker’s environmental track records, then you’ll find Oregon League of Conservation Voter’s 2010 Voter Guide plenty handy for discerning each candidate’s shade of green. Inside, the non-partisan group provides more than 100 environmentally-minded endorsements, from bond measures to Metro council members—even offices that you didn’t know existed, like Council Ward 2 Position A. In other words, unlike your efforts to weed through your mail pile, this thing is thorough.

OK, so now your homework is taken care of, but remember, when it comes to your ballots, postmarks don’t count. So if you want your vote to count at this late hour, you need to find a drop box. Good thing OLCV even provides a link to find the nearest ballot receptacle to you.

And if you need a spot to unload that pile of uneaten Halloween candy at your house, there’s a drop box located in my office.

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