Like big trees? There’s an app for that.

Portland’s Heritage Trees fit right inside your iPhone.

November 16, 2010

OK, so as of this morning you have no doubt learned that the Beatles are finally available on iTunes. Which is great, because, let’s face it, here in the digital age, the prospect of burning the Fab Four’s extensive back catalog of CDs to your computer sounded about as appealing as submitting to one of those “enhanced” pat downs at the airport. And let’s not even talk about the amount of their vinyl you’re holding.

But take note: There’s also another recent addition to the iTune’s library that’s likely to be music to any local nature lover’s ears. It comes in the form of the new iphone app, PDX Trees.

Created by Matt Blair, the new app, which you can download for free from iTunes, pinpoints the location of each of Portland’s Heritage Trees, of which there are more than 280 around town, in places like Forest Park, the Chinese Garden, or maybe, right in your neighbor’s yard.

Once the app is running, simply tap on one of tree locations and up pops all the information that you could ever care to know about, say, those weirdly cool sounding Monkey Trees, including must-know details such as height, circumference, and diameter.

But the tree geekery has just begun. Once you’re on the scene, you can snap and upload photos of your favorite fir, or, if you’re stuck back at the office and need a quick nature break, you can simply browse branch-and-bark laden shots submitted by other heritage-minded folks.

Call me crazy, but I think this calls for a song. Norwegian Wood, anyone?

To see the app in action, check out the demonstration below.

PDX Trees iPhone App Preview from Matt Blair on Vimeo.

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