Hood to Coast Premiere

Oregon’s signature running event gets the red carpet treatment

December 6, 2010

OK, so they aren’t exactly security breaches of the WikiLeaks variety, but over the past few months the makers behind the upcoming Hood to Coast movie have quietly released a series of trailers, sneak preview snippets, and outtakes from their upcoming film. And now with the movie’s release just over a month away, I figured it’s a good time to spread a bit excitement about this one-of-a-kind, oh-so Portlandic happening.

Officially, Hood to Coast’s red carpet premiere will take place at the Keller Auditorium downtown on January 11. And it’s from here that the whole shindig will be beamed via satellite to more than 300 theaters across the country.

Not to get too rah-rah, but man, does Portland look good in the spotlight. Even if you’ve never run the race—heck, even if you’ve never run at all—it’s hard not to get inspired by what’s captured in the film’s hi-def glory.

Filmmakers follow four teams, from naïve first-timers, to iron-kneed grannies who’ve run Hood to Coast seemingly hundreds of time, to a team that’s running in the shadow of the memory of their deceased son; each are determined to hold it together, stride after stride, on their simultaneously pain-riddled and uplifting 197-mile haul from Timberline Lodge, high on Mount Hood, to Seaside on the Oregon Coast.

And of course, in order prevent the inevitable hand-slap to the forehead when you realize that this thing sold out weeks ago, you should consider snapping up some tickets, which are on sale now at the movie’s website.

And for anyone craving WikiLeaks-style intrigue, you can also find a series of leaked trailers and previews on the site as well. Hint: the smoking gun revelation here is the fact that you just might decide that you need to tackle this race yourself.

To help set the stage, here’s the film’s original trailer:

Hood To Coast Movie Trailer from HoodToCoastMovie on Vimeo.

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